Clean Water Allows Student to Finish High School

 In Haiti, Water

For most of his life, Jacquet Duclair has suffered from stomach pains and diarrhea. His family didn’t have a water filter, and so they drank water from a local spring without purifying it. Jacquet not only lost a lot of weight and suffered from anemia, but his academic performance at school was also affected as he missed a lot of class.

Jacquet Duclair

In Cayes-Jacmel, Haiti, there are many Jacquets who suffer from water-borne diseases as part of their daily life.To help eliminate these sufferings, we have partnered with Association Saint – Luc of Haiti (ASSLHA) to provide ceramic water filters to families.

A family with their new water filter

Jacquet’s family is one such family who received a water filter. Now that he is able to drink purified water, Jacquet’s health has improved and he no longer suffers from water-borne diseases. Jacquet is also hoping to finish high school now that he is able to attend classes more regularly. His dreams don’t stop there though – after graduating from high school, he would like to learn a profession or go to university to help his family.

Children in Haiti with their new water filter

Jacquet’s story is one of many, but our work won’t be done until there are no more stories like Jacquet’s. You can read more about our work in Haiti, including our support of a small liquid soap factory in Cayes-Jacmel, here

A Single Drop. Makes an Impact.

Written by Ashley Quinlan, Program Coordinator

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