Proper sanitation facilities help keep children in school and increase enrollment.

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Through locally-sourced and community-led solutions in Haiti, Indonesia, Philippines and Uganda, we achieve sustainable impact

Household Toilets

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School Toilets

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Handwashing Facilities

The Issue Addressed

3.5 billion people lack safe sanitation facilities in their homes.


Lack of access to proper sanitation is a leading risk factor for infectious diseases, including cholera, diarrhea, dysentery, and hepatitis.


1 in 3 schools lacks access to proper sanitation.


Women and girls spend 266 million hours every day finding a toilet, time that could be spent on school, work or play.

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We work hand in hand with communities to deliver sustainable water solutions.
Happy End Users Infront Of Their Latrine Okile Obulubulu Primary School Girls Latrine

To help get learning back on track, we needed these modern sanitary facilities… we are now optimistic about the future of our children. With this comes resilience, confidence, determination, and empowerment. Our girls henceforth shall become the changemakers of our communities.

Madam Ijoreng Esther
Federico Talaman

Before the EcoSan toilet, we defecated in an open area and mostly in the grassland. Now we can take responsibility for our waste in a convenient place that is safe and sanitized. This brings a big impact because we can now be free from germs. Moreover, this will help me in farming because this will generate organic compost as a fertilizer. We will automatically save money for our daily needs and expenses.

Frederico Talaman
Mr John

Having good sanitation facilities at school is critical for children’s comfort and well-being. Before, most of our boys felt sad and lost due to the almost collapsing latrines they used. Thank you for relieving us for all the stresses and pressures of sanitation and hygiene challenges.

Mr. John


Stories that Connect Us

Every story of change inspires us. It reminds us that no matter our background, we’re all connected by a shared humanity – we’re mothers, fathers, daughters & sons – and we all need access to life’s basic needs to survive and thrive. Each person and community featured has owned their transformation and they continue to motivate us to work hand in hand with them to help create a happier world!