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Our Solutions

Our work in Mindanao, Davao del Sur, Bukidnon, and Cotabato provinces makes transformational change across these key areas:

Safe Water

We install household and community water filters in homes and schools.


We built ecosan toilets for homes.


We educate communities on basic hygiene practices.

Historical Context

In every country Surge works, we pay close attention to the remnants of the colonial past and take steps to ensure that our work is an active part of decolonization.

With more than 7,100 islands, the Philippines is known for its abundance of beautiful beaches and fertile farmland. Its villages are home to diverse indigenous people who are usually the last to gain access to services like safe water. The country has been ruled by outsiders for most of its modern history, first by the Spanish (1565-1898), as a US Territory (1898-1946), and by the Japanese (1942-45). In that time, Filipinos suffered war, political and economic instability, and countless hardships.

Today, the Philippines has made significant leaps toward progress, securing water for a large percentage of its urban population. But much more work is needed, especially in the most remote places.

The Issue Addressed

In a country of 115 million, more than 9 million people lack access to safe water, and 19 million people lack access to adequate sanitation.

In the communities where Surge works, contaminated springs are often the main drinking water source. Many homes also lack proper toilets, significantly impacting hygiene and health. Some villagers spend a significant amount of their income on bottled water – a luxury only a few can afford.

We work hand in hand with community based organizations and local leaders to help deliver their solutions, especially in schools and also in homes.

Our Work

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Judith 7

We keep our biosand filter out front…to provide anyone as they go by free water, as much as they want. Before our filter, my husband got [an intestinal parasite] and we rushed him to the hospital. Now that we have the biosand filter all of us are in better health.

Iza Talaman

My husband, Frederico, is very into the Ecosan toilet. He uses it and he uses the fertilizer for the farm. You’ll see under there that we bought chemical fertilizer, but we haven’t used it as we have organic. The Ecosan fertilizer is especially effective during the wet season.

Iza Talaman
Emily Benalon

We have a lot of people in the family so before our biosand filter, we would buy mineral water every day. About 3 gallons was worth 100 pesos [~$2.00]. The water comes from the local river and gets pumped to our house, which means it’s often contaminated. With the biosand filter, sterilizing the water, it saves us time and money. We can use this money for school fees and food.

Emily Benalon

We used to drink unsafe water and not have a proper toilet. I’m so happy with our new biosand water filter and ecosan toilet. I know that our lives will improve – and that I can keep my family healthy. With the toilet, we can even get more food from our farm.

Sulotan Salod
Village Biosand

I’ve been in the Department of Education for more than 20 years…[and] I have never been a recipient of any project like this. This is a very useful project – not only us teachers can benefit from it but also the learners and the community itself.

Eduardo B. Tejano


Stories that Connect Us

Every story of change inspires us. It reminds us that no matter our background, we’re all connected by a shared humanity – we’re mothers, fathers, daughters & sons – and we all need access to life’s basic needs to survive and thrive. Each person and community featured has owned their transformation and they continue to motivate us to work hand in hand with them to help create a happier world!

Our Field Partners in the Philippines

Surge is led by a highly committed, experienced, global team – dedicated to our mission

Camille Tahura

Camille Tahura

Operations Director, Clean Water International, Philippines


Delfin Gentallan

Executive Director, Clean Water International, Philippines


Ana Porgo

Project Manager, Clean Water International, Philippines