Haiti Anacaona Girls

Our Solutions

Our work in Cayes Jacmel makes transformational change across these key areas:

Safe Water

We build rainwater harvesting systems.


We build and install handwashing stations and educate communities on basic hygiene practices and soap making.

Historical Context

In every country Surge works, we pay close attention to the remnants of the colonial past and take steps to ensure that our work is an active part of decolonization.

This breathtaking mountainous land is known for its culture, art, festivals, cuisine, landscapes and more. After freeing themselves from French control and slavery in the early 19th century, Haiti became the world’s first black-led republic. However, after independence, Haiti was crippled by reparations to France; decades of meddling by the United States; and generations of failed assistance programs, some of which created more problems than they solved. Haiti has survived through economic instability, natural disasters, dictatorships, insecurity, a foreign occupation, and other struggles.

Despite a history of oppressive forces that led it to being one of the poorest countries in the Americas, its people work towards positive change.

The Issue Addressed

In a country of 11.7 million, over 4 million people lack safe water and over 6 million people lack access to proper sanitation. Our work is focused in the rural communities of Cayes Jacmel.

Here, the main source of income is agriculture; however, climate change continues to put livelihoods at risk. Most families have to walk long distances on rugged, hilly terrain to collect water from a shared, often contaminated water source. Many families lack facilities to practice adequate sanitation and hygiene, perpetuating the spread of waterborne illnesses.

We work hand in hand with community-based organizations and local leaders to help deliver their solutions to secure safe water.

Our Work

Latest updates in 'Haiti'

Marisillosiuis And Marieusejean

I have three children who go to the school where you built a rainwater system. Now, when there is water available, they each come home from school with water for our family. That has never happened before.

Marisil Losiuis
Director Of Christ Roi School

Thank you for putting this handwashing system in our school. This will make it easier for students to wash their hands after using the toilet and before eating. This is very impactful because it will keep children in good health and it continues to educate them on the importance of basic hygiene.

Director of Christ-Roi School


Stories that Connect Us

Every story of change inspires us. It reminds us that no matter our background, we’re all connected by a shared humanity – we’re mothers, fathers, daughters & sons – and we all need access to life’s basic needs to survive and thrive. Each person and community featured has owned their transformation and they continue to motivate us to work hand in hand with them to help create a happier world!

Our Field Partners in Haiti

Surge is led by a highly committed, experienced, global team – dedicated to our mission

Dr. Pierre Erol Rene

Dr. Pierre Erol Rene

Director, ASSHLA, Haiti

Rachelle Jean Pierre

Rachelle Jean Pierre

Program Supervisor, ASSLHA, Haiti