Safe Water

Water impacts all areas of life – education, health, income and overall well-being.
Surge Safe Water

Our Solutions

Through locally-sourced and community-led solutions in Haiti, Indonesia, Philippines, and Uganda, we achieve sustainable impact

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Spring Harvesting & Protection

Uganda Isinanaume

Well Drills & Fixes

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Rainwater Harvesters

Water Filtration Systems

The Issue Addressed

We work hand in hand with communities to deliver sustainable water solutions.


1 M+ people are killed by water-related illnesses every year.


1 in 3 schools lacks access to basic water infrastructure. 260 million school hours are lost due to water related issues and illness.


In Africa alone, women spend over 40 billion hours a year collecting water.

Our Work

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Our Impact

Countries we serve

Surge has a robust network of local partners who are dedicated to our joint mission.
Maama Hellen With Great Joy Carries A Can Of Clean Fresh Water.

With this well drill, the sky’s the limit for us now in all spheres of life. Before, life was so miserable with water from that open, dirty well. We suffered a lot, our children missed out on education, women and men missed on productive engagements, and our general health and well-being was a mess. This is all now renewed. You have opened all life opportunities for us

Mama Hellen
Mary Grace Miraflores

Now that we have a water filter for my family of 11 – we don’t get sick. We no longer have to buy medicine and bottled water. We can now purchase additional food supplies for my mini store.

Mary Grace Miraflores
Achengo Mercy Can Now Wash Her Hand

Now I can wash my hands after using the toilet. We even have enough water for drinking because the borehole is working. When we came back to school, I thought our borehole would never function again. But now we have water and it is even cleaner than the one we had before.

Achengo Mercy

So many people come to get water now (because we have 2 cisterns in our village) that I spend much of my day just opening the cisterns for people to provide water for their families. I love helping people get their water, it is so much easier this way!

Madam Deristal


Stories that Connect Us

Every story of change inspires us. It reminds us that no matter our background, we’re all connected by a shared humanity – we’re mothers, fathers, daughters & sons – and we all need access to life’s basic needs to survive and thrive. Each person and community featured has owned their transformation and they continue to motivate us to work hand in hand with them to help create a happier world!