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Our work in Indonesia began in 2021, and we have already had a tremendous impact! In partnership with community-based organization Yayasan Labda Radmila Agrapana (YLRA),  we started our work with menstrual health education. Last year, we strengthened our solutions by building rainwater harvesting tanks, constructing a school toilet, and delivering household water filters!

As we celebrate these incredible achievements, we are also taking a closer look at the impact we had in 2023. In 2023 alone, we reached 7,667 people!

Pari Deta School now has safe water and decent toilets!

SD Pari Deta, an elementary school, used to rely on two water sources: springs located 3 kilometers away and rainwater collected during the rainy season. With only two poorly maintained toilets, both students and teachers were suffering.

Upon assessment by YLRA, we learned that the school faced challenges such as an open, contaminated collection tank for rainwater and a deteriorating well. Additionally, open defecation was common among the students. It became evident that constructing a rainwater tank and improving the toilet facilities were crucial.

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Students at SD Pari Deta now have access to safe water!

Through collaborative efforts with the local community and school leadership, we installed 2 rainwater harvesting tanks capable of collecting and storing a total of 10,400 liters of water and constructed a toilet with 2  stalls – one for boys and one for girls.

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Students in front of the new rainwater harvesting tank

This positive change has significantly impacted the students. They now have easy access to water for drinking, washing their hands, flushing toilets, and watering plants. 

Yuliana Boko Kaka, a second-grade teacher, shared that access to clean water and a safe toilet has reshaped students’ habits, steering them away from drinking dirty water, practicing open defecation, and neglecting handwashing. Access to safe water and a decent toilet will improve the student’s overall health and well-being!

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The new toilets and rainwater harvesting system at SD Pari Deta


Menstrual Health program reaches more than 1,800 girls

In addition to providing access to safe water and decent toilets last year, we also educated young women and girls via our signature menstrual health program. Last year, we educated 1,824 young women and girls on hygiene, body and cycle management, self-efficacy, overcoming taboos, and more!

Mhtraining Smpn 2 Waibakul (2)
Girls after a Menstrual Health Training

In addition to training girls and young women on menstrual health, we also educated 416 girls on making cloth menstrual pads. This program raises awareness about the environmental impact of disposable pads while ensuring that girls always have the resources they need to manage their periods.

Padmaking Komunitas Taman Baca Gubuk Marhaen
Young girls learning how to make reusable pads

To ensure the success of our menstrual health program, all girls were given pre- and post-tests related to body knowledge, period products, body agency, and reducing stigma. We saw a 22% increase in knowledge! 

By gaining an understanding of the menstrual process and body development, young women and girls are expected to have the knowledge to apply clean and hygienic practices during menstruation, be confident, and build a support system around them. 

In 2023, we continued to build systems in Indonesia to allow us to expand. Looking forward to 2024, we are excited to continue to build school toilets and bring clean, safe water to communities that need it most!


Written by Krisbel Franco, Surge for Water Marketing & Development Intern

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  1. Nicholas Engwau

    Thank you very much for the information. Amoru AIDS Support Community Initiative (ASCI) is currently making and distributing Sanitary pads to Adolescents girls in schools. What could be your take on this project?.

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