With COVID-19 spreading rapidly across the world and communities going in and out of lockdown, 2021 was more uncertain than many of us hoped it would be. Despite that uncertainty, we were able to impact 83,000 people – our greatest year of impact!


Together, we strengthened programs by investing in our local partners and in sustainable solutions – including wells, rainwater harvesters, toilets, soap making classes, and so much more. We even expanded our work into Indonesia, where we completed two successful pilot projects – one featuring our Menstrual Health Training and another focused on building community rainwater tanks. And in Uganda, we drilled not only our first well but three more!

In addition to four well drills, here’s what else we accomplished last year:

• 33 well fixes/spring protections

• 20 rainwater tanks

• 273 water filters

• 10 school toilets

• 75 handwashing stations

• 3,516 hygiene trainings

• 90 soap-making classes

• 282 menstrual health and pad-making classes

Acen Catherine’s community in Uganda received one of the new wells, and she shared that “when Surge constructed the well for us, it made our lives easier! It gives me more time to look after my family and to work on the farm. Safe water makes us happy!” She was just one of the 83,000 people impacted who now have a chance at a better future!

In 2021, we continued to make a difference where it mattered the most. As 2022 unfolds, we remain deeply committed to the communities we serve. And we also remain deeply grateful to you, because hand-in-hand, we know that we’ll continue to make a life-sustaining impact!

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