Nepal Field Update: 7,200 People Now Have Access to Safe Water

A few weeks ago, we announced a new partnership with Wine to Water in order to provide safe water access to Nepal’s earthquake victims. Our goals are both immediate relief and longterm, sustainable solutions.

A Nepalese woman with a household water purification filter attached to a bucket of clean water.

Already, the results have been powerful: We originally expected to reach approximately 1,660 beneficiaries, but due to strategic positioning of the filters more than 7,200 people now have access to a safe water source!

The beneficiaries are in these four disaster communities: Ghamedada in the Himalayan foothills; Itahari and Sankhu, both just outside of Kathmandu; and Tarakeshwor Nagarpalika, Ward 2, Kathmandu.

A Wine to Water filtration system attached to a community water source for maximum impact.

The filters have been installed in schools, health posts and homes. Each community has an assigned community member or a Wine to Water team member who is responsible for the ongoing monitoring and maintenance of the filters — ensuring that our work lasts for the longterm.

Our work in Nepal has just begun and the road to recovery will be long and hard.

As David Cuthbert, the CEO of Wine to Water, recently wrote:

The need and urgency of this relief cannot be overstated. More than 3 million people in Nepal lack access to clean water and sanitation due to infrastructure and homes being completely destroyed throughout much of the country. So, in addition to dealing with the magnitude of the destruction of the earthquake, and the pending monsoon season in a couple of weeks, which will make living conditions much worse for many, the lack of clean water will compound these problems with an increase in waterborne illnesses.

We are committed to the rebuilding effort and invite you to partner with us on this journey.

  $30 provides 1 filter and helps at least 10 people. Please help us bring safe water to Nepal.

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