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  • Mayur & Tanvi’s Wedding Gifts Clean Water to 3,200 People

    In Acan Pii, Uganda — a place that literally means “water problem” — the majority of wells that the 14,000 residents rely on don’t function. During the original installation of these wells, low-quality materials were used, thus requiring constant repairs, and eventually becoming just too expensive to fix. Once the

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  • Philippines Testimonials: Biosand Filters Save Money, Reduce Illnesses

    Biosand Philippines (BSF) works hard to ensure that people throughout the Philippines have access to clean, safe drinking water. We have partnered with them since 2015, working together to identify communities which need water filters and providing trainings on safe water and hygiene. To date, we have provided 5,173 people

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  • Dubai Students Support Good Hygiene for their Peers in Uganda

    We are four Year 9 students from Dubai International Academy. As part of our community project, we decided to investigate the topic of hygiene and children’s health in remote communities. When we first researched different organizations that we could partner up with, who focus on a similar concept as our

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