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  • Water Taps with No Water — Until Surge & Project Hearts

    Imagine waking up in the morning, turning on the tap so you can start cooking breakfast for your family, and … there’s no water. You paid the water bills, but the water company doesn’t have enough water to supply your house with the water you need. In Mocan Campana, Baitoa,

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  • Biosand Filters “a Blessing” in Davao City, Philippines

    The area surrounding Davao City, Philippines contains many villages high in the mountains that are hard to reach. Those that are lucky to have piped water often have to use water that is brown and smells bad. Those that don’t have access to piped water often have to walk up

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  • “Thank You for Loving Us” – Kaberamaido, Uganda

    In Kaberamaido, Uganda, Aguroi Village has faced a major challenge of lack of access to clean and safe water. The village would have to fetch water from unprotected springs that were shared with animals and that contained mud, animal dung, and garbage. Collecting and using water from contaminated sites led

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