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  • Soap Sparks Jobs, Sanitation in Cayes-Jacmel, Haiti

    For the 36,000 people living in Cayes-Jacmel, Haiti, there are little choices for jobs. The economy is based on subsistence farming, fishing, handicrafts, and tourism. Young boys in downtown Cayes-Jacmel may choose to drive motorcycle taxis, but there are few other options for them. For these reasons, many young people

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  • Surge Goes Pink to Stop Menstrual Hygiene Stigma

    Working with our field partner Prince of Peace for Orphans and Widows (POPOW) in Uganda, we have seen firsthand how women and girls can be affected by their menstrual cycles. They often lack access to menstrual hygiene products, toilets, water, and soap, which leaves them unaware of the proper way

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  • Surge’s World Water Day Celebrations 2018

    How did you celebrate World Water Day? Surge was busy hosting awareness programs in both the USA and UAE for people of all ages. These events informed participants about the global water crisis and ways they can make a difference. In the UAE We partnered with Manipal University Dubai on

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