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    Transforming Schools One Latrine at a Time

    We understand that access to sanitation in schools is critical to the student’s experience and their chance for success. To this end, in 2016, we took on several school sanitation projects — the most recent being latrines for the students at Abata Primary School in Kaberamaido, Uganda. These latrines ensure

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    Providing Safe Water to Bukompe Refugee Camp

    If you search for Bukompe Refugee Camp on Google, the results you get will be limited. There are no official news reports about what is happening there, nor are there any government reports about the people that live there. Instead, all of the information available is written by organizations who

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    Chicago and Kaberamaido, Uganda, Schools Pair as Safe Water ‘Sister Schools’

    On a Tuesday afternoon at Francis W. Parker School in Chicago, 11 students are meeting to discuss global water and sanitation issues. At Abata Primary School in Uganda, a group of 22 students are meeting to discuss water and sanitation issues in their community. These schools are over 7,000 miles

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