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  • Run and Sweat for Surge

    Winning the title of Master Craftsman at Surge’s annual sustainability challenge Design, Dine and make a Difference prompted Wilson Associates to do more to change our world for the better. This year, they are leading an effort called “Run and Sweat for Surge” at the Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon, with

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  • A Big Problem with a Simple Solution: Soap

    “If soap was used for every hand washing, deaths due to waterborne diseases could be reduced by 50%.” So says the  ANACAONA Community, the first soap recycling initiative in Haiti. Every year, approximately 1.8 million children die worldwide from diarrheal disease and pneumonia, spread partly by germs from unwashed hands. Since

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  • ‘Our Dignity as Girls Has Been Restored’: Katwe Village, Uganda

    The children of Katwe Village, Uganda, want to be educated. But before 2005, they were travelling up to 10 kilometers to attend school at a neighboring village. Seeing the overwhelming need for a primary school, a local church founded Rwabarata Primary School. While the children were able to now be

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