• Water Taps with No Water — Until Surge & Project Hearts

    Imagine waking up in the morning, turning on the tap so you can start cooking breakfast for your family, and … there’s no water. You paid the water bills, but the water company doesn’t have enough water to supply your house with the water you need. In Mocan Campana, Baitoa, Dominican Republic, this is often […]

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  • rainwater harvesting tank Taguig

    Surge and PCWS: Philippines Field Update

    In May 2015, Surge partnered with the Philippine Center for Water and Sanitation (PCWS) to provide water harvest tanks, biosand filters, biogas digesters, and wastewater treatment solutions to the community of Taguig in metro Manila. Surge and PCWS have the same objective: to provide access to water and sanitation methods to communities that empower local […]

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  • Harvesting The Rain (and its rewards)

    When I hear thunder, I think of my garden soaking up all that rainwater and I know my rain barrels will fill up so I can water well after the storm. We use mostly rainwater for our garden beds, planters and potted plants, including our homemade lettuce table (pictured here) – and we enjoy the […]

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