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Maya Swimming in Lake MichiganI am a 7th grader in Evanston, Illinois. For my Bat Mitzvah project, I was inspired to do something related to water because I love swimming, sailing, windsurfing and anything having to do with the beach and water. I appreciate so much that I live near our beautiful Lake Michigan and have easy access to clean water.

Water seems like such a simple necessity that we take for granted here while some people have to walk miles to access it. In researching a partner organization, I was amazed to find that Surge is based in Chicago and is run by volunteers with all funds going towards grassroots projects. They even have a focus on youth education.

GogglesTo raise funds for Surge, I was inspired to sell hand-made soap since water and hygiene go hand in hand. At a farmer’s market in Lawrence, Michigan, I met a soap maker who offered to teach me how to make soap. Kathey Lynn Gold of Curvey Girl Soap was also impressed by Surge’s mission and very supportive of my project. I spent an awesome day at her home learning to make soap this summer. Back in Evanston, my mom and I started making FLOW soap for Surge.

StandFLOW Soap is all natural and made with love. The ingredients are simply: olive oil, coconut oil, sustainably harvested palm oil and essential oils (lemongrass, lavender and vanilla). The soaps smell delicious and lather beautifully.

Any one, any age can make a difference in their own way. Please support Surge in any way you can!

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