hygiene training program (WASH)

Delivering signature, game-based sanitation and hygiene training globally.

the issue

Poor hygiene is responsible for 1 out of every 9 child deaths — that’s more than AIDS, measles, and malaria combined.

our impact

We deliver signature, game-based sanitation and hygiene trainings to youth and adults globally. Our programs are delivered to households, schools, and community groups with a focus on schoolchildren

training topics

Topics covered include:

  • Uses and sources of water, the water cycle, how germs spread, waterborne illnesses
  • Critical sanitation and hygiene practices, including hand washing
  • Ways to sustainably purify water and manage resources

handwashing station

This program reaches thousands of people around the world every year. Proper hand washing with soap can reduce the spread of waterborne illnesses by 30 to 60 percent.

In addition to sharing these soft skills, we also build handwashing stations at schools and educate both schools and communities on how to make their own soap.

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