menstrual health

Delivering signature, game-based sanitation and hygiene training globally.

the issue

1 in 10 girls in Sub Saharan Africa will miss up to 20 percent of school this year because of periods. Menstruation is often a taboo topic, and menstruating girls are seen as “contaminated,” and are therefore excluded from parts of daily life. These issues result in missed school, health issues, a loss of dignity, and low self-esteem.

engaging with the community

  • Community Mobilization: We work with women’s community groups, adolescent girls, teachers, school administrators, parent-teacher associations, village elders and community leaders, local government, and men and boys, who all need to support these initiatives.
  • Community Driven: We learn about the social and cultural norms and assess baseline knowledge in order to customize our program to adequately meet each community’s needs.

educating women and girls

Our training programs cover critical topics that can help improve menstrual hygiene.

  • Body development and menstruation
  • Menstrual hygiene management practices
  • Managing and overcoming cultural norms and taboos
  • Uses and sources of water, the water cycle, how germs spread, waterborne illnesses
  • Critical sanitation and hygiene practices, including handwashing
  • Ways to sustainably purify water and manage resources

breaking down barriers

We leave behind tangible infrastructure and tools to empower women and girls

  • Construction of latrines for girls, which include a washing/changing station, hand washing facilities, and an incinerator for disposable pads
  •  Classes on how to make reusable pads and source more raw materials
  •  Classes on how to make soap
  •  Tools for tracking menstrual cycles

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