In Uganda, Surge’s Work Helps Girls Stay in School

In Uganda, 94 percent of girls in primary school experience problems with latrines during menstruation. Sixty-one percent of girls report staying home altogether because of the poor sanitation [...]


Cambodia Field Update: 4,700 People Now Have Clean Water

In 2006, only 65 percent of the Cambodian population had access to an improved source of drinking water, and only 28 percent of the population had access to improved sanitation. Surge has been [...]


Biosand Philippines and Surge Create “Clean Water for Life”

More than 54 million Filipinos need access to safe, clean, potable water. Our partnership which started in May 2015, with Biosand Philippines is helping to reduce this number to zero. We are [...]


Surge and PCWS: Philippines Field Update

In May 2015, Surge partnered with the Philippine Center for Water and Sanitation (PCWS) to provide water harvest tanks, biosand filters, biogas digesters, and wastewater treatment solutions to [...]

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