• Global Awareness – Dubai, UAE

    Surge’s Dubai team has created unique approaches to adult education, including the Design, Dine, Donate gala. For the 2014 event, Surge asked UAE interior designers to create innovative and sustainable seating elements. Following presentations on the water crisis, the designs were auctioned to support Surge’s educational and field efforts.  

  • Serving Schools in Cambodia

    To alleviate child illnesses from unsafe water, Surge supports the construction of water harvest tanks and rope pumps on wells, as well as the distribution of water purification filters, with a particular focus on schools, which often serve as the water source for an entire community.

  • Water: The Global Passport – Chicago, IL & Dubai, UAE

    Surge’s signature youth education program, Water: The Global Passport, takes students on a virtual journey around the world to foster understanding of water-related challenges. Through hands-on educational games, participants learn about the water crisis and ways to conserve their local water sources.