• Menstrual Hygiene Workshop

    Menstrual Hygiene Training

    Our highly interactive program engages, educates, and empowers women and girls. The program includes community sensitization, construction of school latrines (with incinerators and changing stations), WASH training, menstrual health and hygiene education, classes on making reusable pads and soap, income generating opportunities, and more.

  • Surge Training

    Innovative Sanitation & Hygiene Programming

    We deliver signature, game-based sanitation and hygiene trainings to youth and adults globally. Topics covered include: • Uses and sources of water, the water cycle, how germs spread, waterborne illnesses • Critical sanitation & hygiene practices, including hand washing • Ways to sustainably purify water and manage resources This program

  • Drinking water

    Holistic WASH Solutions in Uganda

    Most of our work is concentrated in Kaberamaido, a peninsular community in the Northeast. In partnership with community-based organization Prince of Peace for Orphan and Widows (POPOW), we have fixed community and school wells, protected natural springs, constructed latrines for schools and distributed water purification filters via a microfinance model.

  • Water Filters for Nepal After the Earthquakes

    After the recent Nepal earthquakes, Surge again partnered with Wine to Water (also our partner in the Dominican Republic) to distribute water purification filters, helping thousands of individuals access clean water. Recipients include schools, community centers, and groups of homes to ensure many can benefit from each filter.

  • BioSand Filter

    Filters for Families in the Philippines

    Our local partner Biosand Philippines works hard to ensure that people throughout the Philippines have access to safe drinking water. Since 2015, we have worked together in the area surrounding Davao city to provide water purification filters and training programs on sanitation and hygiene. To date, we have impacted over

  • Long-term Community Development in Haiti

    Since 2010, our work in Haiti has reached several thousand families in several parts of the country. We’ve successfully transitioned our work from disaster relief (post the catastrophic 2010 earthquake) to long-term community development projects. In collaboration with our local partners we’ve distributed locally produced ceramic filters to families, installed

  • Family in the Dominican Republic

    Community Driven Solutions in the Dominican Republic

    We have partnered with Project Hearts to run a multi-year Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) Project in Baitoa, Dominican Republic. Our aim is to provide low-cost WASH infrastructure, training, and education to at-risk and under-served communities. Via this program, households now have access to locally produced water purification filters, rain

  • A Journey Made Easier in India

    In parts of India, women and children travel an average of 6 kilometers (3.7 miles) per day to collect water, hauling 20 kilograms (44 pounds) each trip. To ease this burden, Surge partners with Wello to provide the Water-Wheel, an innovative water-transport device.

  • Filters for Families in Haiti

    Approximately 40 percent of Haitians lack access to clean water. Surge partners with FilterPure and Mabouya Dlo Pwop to provide locally produced ceramic water purification filters to families in Jacmel and Croix des Bouquet. This simple technology has reduced the devastating spread of cholera.

  • Global Awareness – Chicago, IL

    In Chicago, Surge volunteers build awareness of the global water crisis through nonprofit fairs, meet-ups, panel discussions, and movie screenings. The team also hosts an annual fall gala, often featuring field partners who help educate attendees on the importance of sustainable solutions and provide product demonstrations.