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Surge & John Hopkin youth summit event - UN World Water Day 2012

Water: The Global Passport / 3. 24. 2012 / Chicago

Mission: Partner with our community to discover new ways of solving the global water crisis.
Participants: Youth (13-18 years) and Adult Mentors
Host Partner: Johns Hopkins University ? Office of Early Engagement

The Water Journey

The United Nations has declared March 22nd of every year as World Water Day, a time for organizations and individuals around the globe to work together to increase awareness of the global water crisis. Click here to see the theme for 2012 is Water and Food Security.

As part of this campaign, Surge invited Chicago youth and community members to take part in a unique, interactive event to educate participants about water, the precious resource that unites us all. Over 100 teenage students and adults embarked on a virtual global journey where they experienced what life is like in water-challenged Cambodia, Haiti, Ethiopia and other areas of the world. Our travelers discovered innovative ways people are treating their water to make it clean and safe. They also learned about simple actions they can take to reduce their water footprint and join Surge to make an impact. Check out our event photos.


3 / 24 / 2012
12:15PM ? 1:00PM
[ Lunch and Learn session with members of the Johns Hopkins University community in Chicago. ]
1:00PM ? 4:00PM
[ Main Program: Water: The Global Passport ? youth, adult mentors and activity leads. Special guest speaker, Senator Dick Durbin, the co-lead of the Water for the World Act. ]


UIC Innovation Center
1240 W Harrison St,
Chicago, IL


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